Functional Microbiology and Biotechnology
Research Laboratory
Microorganisms, which provide the possibility of bringing together basic and applied sciences, offer microbiologists wide opportunities in the development of new application fields. The concept of microbial biotechnology is functionalized particularly when the physiological potentials of bacteria meet with molecular biology and genetics applications. Microbial biotechnology creates many application fields in diverse research themes such as environmental sciences, medical sciences, dentistry, food sciences, and even geological and archeological researches that can fulfill in today's world where functionality is at the forefront. Therefore, as a family of functional microbiology and biotechnology research laboratory, we welcome you to the limitless world of applications that can be done with microorganisms functionalized by biotechnological applications. Please, stay tuned.
Prof. Dr. Nazime Mercan Dogan - Asst. Prof. Caner Vural
Date Created: Fri Oct 30 10:01:12 2020